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Interior design and decor


The CHARMEIL company synthesizes the creative ideas of architects and orchestrates your project to turn it into reality.
With full mastery of general contracting, we coordinate the whole work to successfully complete your project.
Our expertise includes measure reporting, auditing, synthesis and manufacturing drawings, project adaptation to its environment, procurement management, reporting, work planning, site management to ensure a successful coordination of the contractors, furniture manufacturing and fitting, turnkey delivery of your project.

The Story.

Charmeil Agencement (Interior Design) was founded in 1987 then acquired by Denis Miliat in 2010 to develop his cabinet making and design studio.

Specializing in an upmarket clientele, Charmeil Agencement and its 25 employees are experts in high-standing mountain chalets, luxury hotels, reputed company headquarters, prestigious private apartments, luxury shops and casinos.

Denis Miliat developed his expertise in general contracting in order to meet his clients’ needs and created CHARMEIL CONTRACTANT GENERAL (General Contractor) in 2011.

Franck FINET associated with Denis Miliat in 2015 to CHARMEIL CONTRACTANT GENERAL to support CHARMEIL Agencement on its projects.

In 2020, Denis Miliat conceded his share capital to Franck FINET and changed the company status into a simplified joint-stock company.

Simultaneously, CHARMEIL CG has started developing an activity dedicated to clothing retail shops, airport duty free areas, restaurants, offices, headquarters, as well as a sideline renovation business.

Facing a constantly growing demand, CHARMEIL CG and its 9 employees have integrated their own office in Saint Georges de Reneins and continue developing as an independent company.